Can't reach Bridge anymore

since yesterday evening I can’t reach my Bridge anymore therefore my API calls for opening doesn’t work. Checking IP:8080 brings following ==> HTTP 400 Bad Request, ping works.
Nothing changed in my settings
Is this a general problem?

Hi @teschenlohr ,

your stated request IP:Port will always result in a HTTP 400 Bad Request, since the Bridge cannot handle such request.
Please try IP:Port/info? instead to check the connection (check /info-API documentation for further information on how to use the command).

If the Bridge is not reachable please unplug it it for some seconds and plug it back into the power socket.


hmmm… this results to HTTP 401 Unauthorized

also IP:Port/auth returns success:false

it’s now working after reading the documentation and pressing the Nuki Bridge button. Thanks

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