Can't connect to Niki Bridge

My Bridge seems to be working mostly fine, I can see my lock ind the app and in the web app. It doesn’t seem to have any ports open though, I can’t see the bridge in the app and calling doesn’t return any bridges. Any idea what’s going on?

Hi! For acces to the bridge over app, you have to push about 5-10 seconds on the big button on the bridge, every time you want access the bridge over the app. I know that’s annoying, I also want to have the bridge show up in the devices list on nuki web and app, but nuki hasn’t done this yet, and I don’t know, if they will!? For the api, sorry I don’t know!?

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@343max Can you still not see the Bridge at the URL. There may be a delay in the discovery, but in general if you have remote access and open the URL from the same IP the server sees from the bridge it should work.

Thanks for your reply, I would never have figured that out on my own.

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No problem :+1:!