Can't connect Nuki 4 Pro to Matter

I got the new Nuki 4 Pro and installed it. With the second attempt I got it into Matter, where some Govee Products are successfully installed. After about an hour the state war not available in HomeKit.

I tried to take Matter off and tried it again. Unfortunately I can’t get it into Matter any more :frowning. I tried the following Things:

  • Reset to defaults
  • Restart many times
  • Pair it many times
  • Connection - Configuration - Refuse
  • Tried via App and HomeKit to get it work
  • The Firmware ist 4.0.36 → At the first attempt maybe 4.0.31?

Do you have any idea for me?

After a longer reset of the Apple TV and the Nuki, I got HomeKit to work again :slight_smile:

We‘ll see if it works longer than one hour!