Cannot get App to connect with Bridge (once again)

Today, all the sudden, my phone no longer is connected to my bridge

I have tried every option (that I know off):
1: Manualy connect by pressing the buttons on the lock and on the bridge simultaniously. Bidige keeps flashing, after a while the lock end maintenance mode but the bridge keeps on flashing.
2: Setting up the brigde via the app:

3: Going to the connection status screen, and pressing the bridge icon and the ‘Try to connect’

I have all the most recent software on my phone and on the lock.

What is going on?

By using my phone bluetooth options and deactivating the Nuki bridge connection, and the reconnecting it (via the regular bluetooth option) , I have now managed to get the bridge connected again. As I reset the factory settings of my lock I now want to activate the Nuki web. I have entered my email address, entered my password and entered the two step authentication password I have managed to reactivate my Nuki web. But then logging on to the web I get this:

Why is this happening?

I figured this one out. As I reset my factory settings, the old lock registered in the Nuki Web, no longer exists. I had to delete this old lock (with the same name) and once again activate the Nuki web option using the App. Now I can see the lock and the authentication failed message no longer appears.
The users I invited using the invite option on the App are not showing in on the Web. How long is that going to take?

If you did reset the Smart Lock to factory all users are gone as they are stored inside the Smart Lock.

Nuki Web is basically just another client (like any other invited user) with the only difference that it‘s running on a server and not on a smartphone.

After I did the factory reset, I invited my family members to connect to the ‘new’ lock. My family members (and me myself) are not shown in the Nuki web page. Is that intended functionality?