Cannot find Nuki IP address

Hi there,
i have my Nuki Pro 3.0 connected to my wifi and all works well. Now i m looking for the ip address of Nuki to use it in HomeAssistant but under the “Connected devices” list on my wifi router (Orbi) cannot find Nuki listed. How is this possible? I mean…i can contro nuki via wifi on the app and on nukiweb and the connection satus show that is well connected to wifi.

Any suggestions? Ty. Fabio.

The reason could be that some WiFi hubs list only devices they can find in an active broadcast scan. Nuki does not react to such scans in order to conserve battery life.

You can find the IP if you open the Nuki App > Smart Lock Settings > Features & Configuration > Built-in Wi-Fi and tap 7x on the “Network” headline. This will load a WiFi report that contains the MAC and IP address.

Thank you very much for your help!!! That works
I was getting nuts with this :smiley: