Cannot deactivate Door Sensor via App

Beta 2.6.5 (1430) on iOS 13.5.1, connection only via bridge at the moment (cannot test Bluetooth right now).

To reproduce:

  1. Select lock
  2. Select “Einstellungen”
  3. Select “Administration”
  4. Select “Türsensor verwalten (Beta)”
  5. Select “Türsensor deaktivieren” and confirm
  6. Spinner “Türsensor wird deaktiviert” appears and disappears
  7. “Möchtest du den Türsensor deines Smart Locks aktivieren?” splash screen appears (so far, so good), but
  8. Select “Zurück”
  9. Select “Türsensor verwalten (Beta)” again

Expected result: Door sensor is disabled, splash screen shows
Actual result: Door sensor is still activated, I’m back at 5.