Cancel lock'n Go action

Is it possible to cancel a lock’n Go action with API before the timer reached?
Because I used a door sensor not from Nuki and want to look the door as soon as it is closed.
But I get an error that the lock is busy because the lock’n Go timer is still running.


It is not what I wanted to hear but thank you.
Because during this time the lock is busy and accept no other action :frowning:

Yes, which is correct, because it is really busy with the lock action (and there can only be one at a time) :wink:
The only way to cancel Lock’n’Go for the time beeing is by pressing the button on the lock itself.

I am a committed Nuki user since first hour. But this is a great pity. The SL4 Pro is not exactly cheap and still miss such an important feature like the door sensor. Therefore 50 euro extra for an simply magnetic sensor is definitely too much!
So I wanted to use a third party sensor and realise the lock’n Go by Smarthome and API.