Cancel Auto-Unlock if the door is manually opened

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


Cancel Auto-Unlock if the door is manually opened


If a door in manually opened (from inside) while the Auto-Unlock countdown is going on, I would like the Auto-Unlock to be cancelled.


If a closed door (not locked) is opened from inside (by my wife who is eagerly waiting for me at times :wink:) and the Auto-Unlock is not cancelled, the unlock is triggered after I am inside the house.


I do not want to win the hate of my wife by telling her that Nuki will do her job :hot_face:
With SmartLock 2.0 having a door sensor, it should be possible to detect a door getting manually opened.
With SmartLock 1.0 and 2.0, this should work if the door is locked (not just closed) and it is manually unlocked from inside or outside while the AutoUnlock countdown is going on (maybe this works already, I was just too lazy to test)