Can you override the latch motion, with MQTT (HA) or even a sensor?


Just received my new Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, yesterday, so I’m still experimenting…
But after integrating the Lock with Home Assistant, through MQTT, while pondering about the automations I would be able to do; for instance using multiple variables to automatically open the front door:

  • Person.X state, changed from: “Not Home” to “Home”
  • state, changed from “Not Home” to “Home”

And Templates, such as:

  • {{(as_timestamp(now()))-(as_timestamp(states.binary_sensor.garage.last_changed)) < 600}} - The garage was opened/closed in the last 10 minutes
  • {{(as_timestamp(now()))-(as_timestamp(states.binary_sensor.car_status.last_changed)) < 600}} - The car’s state changed in the 10 minutes (HC-SR04 [Ultrasonic Distance Sensor] - EspHome)
  • {{(as_timestamp(now()))-(as_timestamp(states.switch.shelly1.last_changed)) < 600}} - The front gate was was opened/closed in the last 10 minutes

I noticed a inevitable problem: the latch motion (1-30secs), after the lock unlocks and unlatches the door.
As I have to leave the car on the outside garage, and take, for instance, the bags out of the trunk, and walk outside for about 10-15 meters until I reach the door; it would be must certainly latched again.

So my question is if you can override the latch motion (1-30secs).
Ex: A mqtt’s state or mode, or even using a door’s sensor - aka: only latch after the door was opened (that would be the perfect solution).

Ps. The door doesn’t have a rotating knob outside, only a fixed bar next to the keyhole as I configurated in the app.

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Get a Nuki Door sensor. If the Smart Lock is paired with the door sensor the latch is released as soon as the door is opened OR the latch timeout (1s-30s) is reached. i.e. you can set it to a long timeout of 30s and rely on the door sensor for releasing the latch as soon as someone opens the door.

Another option is to use the Auto-Unlock function of the Nuki App which uses BLE for proximity detection and usually works better than ping / geofence or similar mechanisms.

Thanks for the feedback @Juergen.

But even with the sensor I would still be limited to timeout of 30sec latch’s motion, right?

Imagine I stay some time playing with the dog outside or answering a call as I enter the garage; before I have to take all the shopping bags to the house…
If the Lock would only latch as the door opens it would be perfect, instead of some chronometric exercise: “I still have 30 seconds to reach the door!!!”

No way to block that action, of latch after unlocking & unlatching?

I do understand your uneasiness with security and self-harm; even more with such a device - but I honestly think the lack of specific & free defining options would be of more concern between buying such a device, or not, for some people - myself included. ¡Kudos for the work!; just my own take on it as a buyer and adept to control my own devices. :wink:

I still haven’t tried the Auto-Unlock function. But as I live in a big house, with kids, and everyone else, walking around with theirs phones, I admite the lack of variables does give me some concerns…

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I have similar problems, cause I don’t trust the auto-unlock (enough). And it opens too early or too late.

I’m going to try a pressure mat, soldered to a ZigBee door contact under my Doormat. So the nuki can unlatch the lock if I (or my dog) really stand in front of it.

No open door if no one actually wants to go through it.

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