Can the Opener auto unlock a garage door when in Bluetooth proximity?

I use Nuki smart lock and the auto open function works great. It always unlocks my door when I’m walking in and I’m 4 or 5 meters away. I’d like to do the same with my garage door. I now the Nuki Opener can close a relay for a couple of seconds to open a garage door, but does anybody know if the Auto Unlock function works the same in the Opener as in the Smart Locks? I’d like the door to open when the car is close to the gate, with no interaction (phone in pocket) from my part. Thanks!

Yes, it works the same way if you configure the Opener properly. But the Opener needs to be in bluetooth range of the smartphone which is much more tricky than with the Smart Lock, because you are sitting in the car and are approaching much faster than when you walk.

You could also use expert settings and “open when entering the geofence” which does not require Bluetooth, but a Bridge (i.e. remote access) and the door needs to remain open for some time. Works usually very well for electric gates which automatically close after some time, but not so with garage doors.

Taking all this into consideration, the most convenient way might at the end be a widget on your smart phone or smart watch which enables you to quickly trigger an “open” command while you are approaching the garage door.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. I guess it will be a matter of finding the right spot for the Opener inside the garage but as close as possible to the outside, and see if standing in the car close to the gate falls into the bluetooth detection area. I guess I could mount it outside and closer to the driveway (in a waterproof enclosure), but that poses a security risk. I’ll try and report back. Thanks!

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