Can’t open door in home assistant only lock and unlock

Hi, I’ve integrate in Home assistant my Nuki 2.0 with Nuki - Home Assistant, work perfectly but I can’t open my door, I can only lock and unlock the door.

I think that’s more a question for the Home Assistant community :slight_smile:

But here a quick information how I am opening (unlatch) the Nuki via Home Assistant.

My device is a Nuki 3.0 and I am using as well Nuki - Home Assistant
There seems to be no open/unlatch feature in the Nuki add-on itself?
So I am using the general Home Assistant “lock service” and it’s “open” feature.

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data: {}
entity_id: lock.name_of_your_nuki_entity

Hi all,
Does it mean that if I buy and pair a Nuki 3.0 with home assistant, I will be able to lock, unlock and open the door? I assume I will have the services:, lock.unlock and lock.lock?
Then why do I only see the lock_n_go and set_continuous_mode services in the integration page?

Exactly. You have the normal lock services from Home Assistant to lock, unlock and open the Nuki 3.0 lock.

The lock_n_go and set_continuous_mode services come on top as add-ons from the Nuki integration, as these services are special features for Nuki locks.

can you please share how you did it in the end to get it to unlock i am new to home assistant i dont know how to set it up to open the door instead of only lock and unlock

Even if I think that’s more a home assistant topic…

In which way do you want to open the door? Pressing a button or by automation?

You can use both, button, services, automations…

I have paired a Nuki v4 with a ESP32+Nuki hub, all options are available. Also detailed info about battery, voltage, WiFi and bt strength, you can enable/disable led, button… but there is a small delay updating info when lock is managed with the app or manually.

With matter only lock and unlatch and battery info. With matter lock info is updated instantly.

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