Can I use a Nuki Bridge with my intercom? Can I connect a speaker to the Nuki Bridge?


I have in the attachment several pictures of my intercom inside.
Can I connect the Nuki bridge?
Is it possible to connect a speaker to the nuki bridge?
I want to disable the gross sound of my Intercom, and I want instead an own chosen sound or only my PC/Phone ringing.
Can I use the Nuki bridge for opening the door?
Can I use the Nuki bridge to talk over my PC/Phone?

You need a Nuki Opener in order to open the door by your home intercom remotely.


Ahh I See I understand, and is the Nuki Opener compatible with my Intercom?
There is no label which model I have nor which company produced it, it is at least 20-30 years old.
I have only the pictures of the wiring inside.

So if it is compatible, how could I use something else then the intercom speaker to produce the sound?
Or could I change the speaker of the intercom, and or use a sound witch is more appealing and lower the sound level? Because the main reason for looking into nuki products is to change the very annoying loud buzzing sound. And have as side effect more a good to have the upgrade to open the the door with my phone.