Can I adjust the settings for using Nuki with lift up handle multi-lock door?

Hi there!

I recently acquired 2 Nuki 3.0 pros. From the product description I understood that Nuki can also be used with a lift up handle-operated multi-point lock, as long as you raise the handle yourself before locking.

It works fine on my back door. I was able to calibrate the Nuki on the back door in one go and everything works as desired.

Unfortunately, the Nuki seems to have problems at the front door. When I calibrate the Nuki it keeps turning to the left in an attempt to close the door. At that moment the Nuki makes a lot of noise in the form of all kinds of clicking and grinding noises. Then I get an error.

What I think is happening:
The handle operation on the front door works differently compared to the back door. To lock the back door I first have to raise the handle and then I can lock the door. But if I raise the handle at the front door, it is immediately locked. In that case I cannot turn the key to the left because it is already locked.

It seems that the Nuki does not notice this. It keeps turning to the left in an attempt to lock, but it won’t. After a lot of noise, the Nuki gives up.

The question:
Is it possible to indicate in the settings that the Nuki does not turn to the left or only slightly for locking the door? In that case I would only use the Nuki for unlocking.

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In order for a lock to be compatible with Nuki it is necessary that it you can insert keys on both sides at the same time and that they always rotate together. It sounds like your front door lock does not full fill this requirement.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Thanks for replying. I already send a message to customer support but didnt get an answer yet.

For your information: I do have a door where I can place a key from out- and indoor. And they do rotate together when i’m opening the door. But to close the door I only have to lift up the handle.

I think that the Nuki would work if it was possible to manually calibrate. That is why I placed this message in this developer forum.

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