Callback not firing

Hi, i have the following problem:
Registered a Callback-URL to my Nuki Bridge. Calls an Endpoint in Node-Red which is capable of Post-Requests (tested). Both instances are in the same subnet. But lock-state changes do not seem to fire a request to it. In the Nuki Bridge log i can see this:
{“timestamp”: “2020-09-15T07:39:44+00:00”, “type”: “HTTP-Post”, “nukiId”: “1A43105D”},
Where is my problem?
BR, Stephan

Do you get no callbacks at all or only none for lockstate changes?
In the first case there maybe some issue with the callback URL.

I would say nothing arrives at the backend (the callback-endpoint) at all. I can see in the bridge-log that everytime the lock changes one of these http-post entries is created… (btw also checked with ‘curl’ - the post request got through to my endpoint nicely.

The most common issue here is that our Bridge API can only handle http (NOT https); if this is not the issue for you, feel free to PM me your callback setup so I check it and/or try to reproduce it.

Great offer, thank you very much. Indeed i dont think http/https is the problem here…

I face the same issue: although curl proves my endopoint to be reachable, my nuki does not send a callback. Similar to Stephan, the http-post entries are visible in the log.

works now! had a mixup with the ips, provided the wrong callback address…

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