Callback Lock n Go

Is possible call callback with status Lock n Go. Callback is running on LOCK/UNLOCK only. My idea is when I double click on NUKI Lock button > set up the Lock n Go (10 sec delay for lock) > call url with status code (I mean it is “6”) > by callback turn on my Home alarm. It send callback with status “1” (LOCKED) only.

Bridge Call Backs work based on state changes. Lock’n’Go is not a state but a command, therefore you can not use Lock’n’Go as trigger.

The easiest way to get this working is to use the IFTTT integration, which has a dedicated “Lock’n’Go via button” trigger: Nuki Smart Lock - Leave home

Can this command make any callback in local network? I don’t want to use any 3rd part software. In IFTTT is not supported producer of my alarm. if it can send command to IFTTT it can send any callback in local network.

Yes and no, the local bridge API has the ability to register a callback, which is called on a state change of the lock. You can’t differ what command has triggered this state change.
I’m using this callback to trigger an outside LED to give feedback if the lock has closed. I could use this callback to arm an alarm, if the last person has left the house.

But it requires a bit more logic in the evaluation to replicate your use case. I use NodeRed and Home Assistant to automate such scenarios.

Here you can see my solution:

NOTE: The 2.x-API only supports http-callbacks. My HomeAssistant instance is running https. This is the reason for using NodeRed as a relay, but you can use any http endpoint as a callback. I think you know it already … but for sake of completeness.

Nuki Bridge HTTP API 1.13.1 - Nuki Developers