Callback including user Id

Hi, taking advantage of callback feature, I would like to know who is locking/unlocking/open a lock. As far as I know the callback POST only reports the lock state change.

I saw this info is available on Nuki Web API but the activity log is no updated in real time (at least in my setup).

It’s possible to get the info in real time info (like in the activity log App option) about who lock/unlock/opens the locks using any part of APIs ecosystem?

Thanks for your support.

There is alread a feature request for that:

Does that cover what you are looking for?

Currently it is not possibly to get the user triggering an action via HTTP-API because the Brige has no admin rights on the Smart Lock (which are needed atm to get that information).

Thanks Stephan, It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I already upvoted the feature request and trying in me meantime the proposed work-around.

Thanks again for your support.

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