Callback (Bridge vs MQTT)

Hi all

I’m trying to figure out what is the best Nuki lock to get Pro or standard. As I understand it, Pro supports MQTT but Standard supports the Bridge API.

I just want to know when someone opens the door using a fob (not a key). Do they both do that?

The Pro supports the bridge too.

I own a pro, have deactivated the internal Wi-Fi, and use the ESP32 Nuki Bridge which brings (stable) mqtt to the Nuki.

The Wi-Fi connection of the Pro depends on a connection to their cloud servers. If there is no stable internet connection or their servers are down, like what happened today, for several hours, the Nuki Pro wifi won’t work anymore.

I wouldn’t buy the pro again. Use the standard and a (esp) bridge.

In the logs, you can see if someone opened the door with a foob. No need for a bridge or Wi-Fi, if you’re connected by Bluetooth to your Nuki.

Thanks that’s really helpful! Does the esp bridge work even offline?

Can you tell via mqtt events of the door was unlocked via fob?

Yes, of course.
The Pro checks actively the connection to the cloud servers and deactivates the wifi itself, if there is no connection. The (ESP) Bridge doesn’t.

I’m not sure anymore.

lock/action: Allows to execute lock actions. After receiving the action, the value is set to "ack". Possible actions: unlock, lock, unlatch, lockNgo, lockNgoUnlatch, fullLock, fobAction1, fobAction2, fobAction3

It’s possible to act like the fob. But the states are

lock/trigger: The trigger of the last action: autoLock, automatic, button, manual, system

So I’m not sure that the nuki reports it anyway. But I’m not using a fob and make all lock actions via home assistant now.

Maybe someone other could answer it. Especially if the nuki log reports it or not.

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Thank you! I’ve read that the Pro version does differentiate but the esp version doesn’t.

But there are many downsides to the Pro which is why I’ll probably go for the standard version.

Maybe write an issue on GitHub. :wink:

If I remember correctly, the original Nuki bridge also can’t access that information.
I think that was explained with security reasons.

So with the bridge you need to get that information from the Nuki Cloud API and can’t access it locally.

That’s the benefit of the Pro, being a lock and a bridge at once.
Here’s the information available.

Maybe someone from Nuki can clarify that.

There is no “downside of the pro” in terms of functionality. It does everything the standard model does + it has wifi integrated with an MQTT API and comes with a power pack besides the more premium look because of the metal knob.

Yes, the mqtt API provides detailed information who unlocked through which trigger. You can differentiate different fingerprints, the button on the inside, fob, whether someone cam home through auto-unlock and so on.

Correct. The bridge does not have access to the acitivy log of the Smart Lock.

It’s trusted to grant access to my home but not to read information about which way the door gets unlocked? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think if someone manages unauthorized access, the log would be a smaller concern.