Calibration Issues

Hi All,

I’m a fairly new user and I find the calibration process very frustrating and want to see if any of you found a way to overcome it.

Today I had to take it off the door and install again, which of course reset the calibration.
Now when I go through the process again I’m unable to make it work again.

Immediately after doing the regular calibration, it thinks that the door is locked when it is in fact unlocked, and when I go into custom calibration, it looks like the sliders don’t have any effect when I go to Test Locking/Unlocking.

I already wasted 10% of battery and it looks like it’s not going anywhere…
Wouldn’t it be much easier to calibrate if you could just move it manually to the “Locked” and “Unlocked” positions instead of using the sliders?

Also, why does the lock calibrates itself again when I go into sensor calibration?


Funny thing:
After many more attempts (the battery is down 12% now) I managed to make everything work from the app.
However, when I unlock manually (or if I unlock from the app, and then touch the knob) it thinks the door is locked.
Then, when I unlock from the app, the motor clicks (engages and disengages), doesn’t rotate even by 1 degree and considers itself unlocked again.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

If you need support during set up and operation please contact our customer support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

P.S.: At the start of the calibration the door needs to be unlocked. You may be better off starting all over again by factory resetting it. Taking the Smart Lock off does not need a recalibration. It will do a position run once it is powered and will afterwards resume operation.

Yes, I unlock it every time before calibration.
I contacted support in parallel, but I actually interested in the other questions as well…

  1. Why does the sensor require lock calibration? It should only ask to open/close the door to sense the magnetic field, not to lock/unlock.
  2. Is it somehow possible or planned in the future to calibrate manually by rotating to a specific position and letting the lock know it’s there?
  3. Is there a difference between a full factory reset and re-calibrating?

Appreciate you help.

Because the motor movement has an impact on the magnetic field.

Currently not possible. We do not discuss our roadmap here in the forum. The current process worked for 100.000s of installations. If there are problems most of the time the reason is a too stiff door or incompatible cylinder.

Depends on what you changed in the configuration … Reset will bring you back to default settings everywhere.

Thanks, keep up the good work :slight_smile: