Calibration issues once batteries below 65%

I’ve got a Nuki V1 SL and a Nuki V2 SL together with a V2 bridge. Both use Panasonic rechargeables. I’ve found they repeatedly need recalibration once the batteries drop down to below around 65% this means the lock says it’s locked when it isn’t which is a security risk. I’m running Beta fIrmware. Is this a known bug and likely to be fixed? I interface them to OpenHAB using HTTP and will likely write a rule to periodically open the lock, recalibrate and close the lock assuming this is possible with the API in the short term if it’s possible, but figured I’d ask if there was a fix in the works first. The V1 seems to need more recalibration than the V2, but that could just be a symptom of usage patterns

This sounds like an issue with strong resistance by the cylinder/door.
Please check the error reports with our customer support [best send directly via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support)] for more help on this.

Regarding calibration via the APIs:
This can currently not be done, as an issue with the calibration could lead to an open door (why this should not be done unattended).