Cache auto-unlock times on devices and don't try while not possible

Product name

Nuki App (Nuki Smart Lock)


Have an option to let the app cache the auto-unlock times, and have it not even attempt auto-unlock during those times.


Have an option that says “don’t attempt auto-unlock outside of auto-unlock times configured in lock” in the app (or similar).


I have two phones (private and work) and a Nuki Fob on me. When I come home early in the morning, where my auto-unlock is still blocked so it doesn’t trigger on weekends, I often cannot unlock my door because both my phones are trying to perform an auto-unlock, causing the lock to return a “busy” signal to the Fob. With this option, the phones would know that it is futile to try to auto-unlock the door and not even try, letting the Fob get through immediately. (It could also save some battery when you’re nearby your home.) (Disadvantage: You’d have to keep the cache up-to-date somehow as some other device could re-configure the lock without your local app noticing. Might need a ‘read current settings from lock’ button somewhere.)