C++ Nuki BLE library in Beta


I would like to let you know we are at the status the library is functional and can be tested, still some work and a lot of testing to do.

Do check it out and test it if you are interested!
Feel free to leave an issue on Git if you run into an issue!


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Would love to test it, however could you write some basic information how pairing and setting it up initially works into the readme? Last time I checked, the code it was not straight forward what steps need to be taken to initially get it working.

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Hi Peter,

I have quickly added the most basic info hope this helps you getting started.
More will follow soon.

Let me know if you run into issues.


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Thank you very much, I’ll try to give it a go this week. I have already some esp32 flying around.
Do you plan to turn this into a library that can be pulled into projects via platformio at some point?

And do you have some experience about reliability? I am currently using GitHub - dauden1184/RaspiNukiBridge: Simple Nuki Bridge implementation using asyncio which works well and can easily integrate into Homeassistant but it is not super reliable (might just stop working or fail to execute some actions).

It already is, just add:

lib_deps =  https://github.com/I-Connect/NukiBleEsp32

to platformio.ini

No not yet, I am testing at the moment, seems quit stable.

Commands can fail due to the lock being busy or maybe a not very stable BLE connection (due to distance or other devices using the same frequency) Almost all methods return the result so you can/should catch and retry if one fails.