Busch Jäger 83210 AP-624 doesn't work with Nuki Opener


Today I bought the Nuki Opener in white. According to the compatibility list from Nuki, my Busch Jäger system should work with it. Unfortunately, I’m now standing for hours at the busch jäger door opener and try unsuccessfully to connect both.

According to the app, I should remove the cables from B1 (BROWN), connect them with the Wago clamp and the yellow or red cables. The remaining cables (black, orange, blue, purple and green) should be in the slot B1.

The alternative assignment with black in A1 does not work either. It would be a pity if I had to send it back.

SOLUTION: (except Ring-To-Open)

You have to plug the red Nuki cable into A1 and the black Nuki cable into b1.
So everything works except ring-to-open.
I’m already working on that!

I connected everything as described.
In setup everything is working as expected (except ring-to-open ofcourse), when ringing the doorbell nuki will recognize it and go one step further in the setup, but when all is set up the opener won’t recognize any ring any more. Does anyone know what might be wrong?