Bug?!: When using the App for the Opener, Auto Unlock on the 10th floor happens immediately?!

I am a little bit confused now.

I live in an apartment on the 10th floor.
Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.
Auto Unlock via Bluetooth “normal” distance activated.
Radius – as a tip from you – increased to 200 meters.

Case 1: Front door on ground-floor is open (because a neighbor just went out or in).
I take the elevator, 10th floor, long hall, come closer to my apartment door, door opens, perfect.

Case 2: Front door on ground-floor is closed (as is the normal case).
I take my smartphone, Samsung Note 20 Ultra, open the Nuki App, swipe left or right for the ""opener, front-door opens.
However, at this very moment, my apartment door on the 10th floor opens immediately, too, while I am standing in front of the front door on the ground-floor.

How can that be? I don’t want that! Between using the Opener and reaching my apartment door, it can take 1-2 minutes, sometimes. Especially when I decide to use the stairs. But if my apartment door is already open, everything dangerous could happen in the meanwhile.

This is a critical bug if one cannot disable this kind of behavior.

Hi, for your 2nd case: please send a report via Help → Contact customer support. A log file will be attached so we can have a closer look.

Please state in the description when you experienced this issue (makes finding it easier), a short description and a note to forward it to me.

Hi! How have you setup the opener and locks to working together without a third party service like ifttt!? I mean, that your locks automatically unlocking when opener opens! I have this function, but I was thinking, thats just possible over something like ifttt!? Thanks!

I will do that today when I go home.

I don’t have any ifttt services etc.
It is just the default setup from Nuki, done.

Normally, the locks don’t react to opener actions, these are seperate services, so normally this should not be possible!?

This is the reason I was so confused. This happens even with my partner’s smartphone. Once she uses the Nuki App or pushes on the ring button at the wall, the Opener opens the door on the ground-floor. Simultaneously, our apartment door opens - the notification /protocol in the Nuki app shows the successful Auto Unlock… !!!

Thats very strange!?