Bug report

There is no bug section on the forum.

So here is a bug:
The Dutch translation in the app and Web has “Uitvoeren” which means “Execute” or “Run”. I assume in English it is Update or Edit. In Dutch that would be “Bewerken”. “Uitvoeren” is very confusing.

So here is another bug:
When connecting to the Wifi (in Smart Lock Pro), it says “Incorrect Password, try again”. I have seen this twice, the password was correct. Just pressing “Try Again” without changing the password works.

Bug 3: The Smart Lock Pro under Battery has “Automatic search for battery” enabled. It shows a low value for the battery load. When you disable that, it shows that “Alkaline battery” is selected. When you correctly select Nuki Power Pack, it shows 100%.
Conclusion: Automatic search for battery does not work properly.