[Bug] Nuki does not connect to Wifi Repeater

Hey all!

1.) No connection to wlan repeater

We have the Nuki 3.0 without bridge on our door. Unfortnutly, the Nuki shows the repeater which is 1 meter next to it in the list of “wlans” but when we try to connect it shows a error.

In 99% it shows “not possible” and sometimes it shows “code not correct” (but it is).

2.) When we want to connect our main network to Nuki, it does not show “no connection possible”, it shows “wrong password”. When we open all doors, so that the connection is good the connection works. The bug is, that Nuki shows the wrong error message.

Can you help us?

Wlan repeater:


Wlan: extra wlan (not same SSID as main network)