Bticino U58188 compatibility


I do have trouble to use my Nuki Opener with a Bticino U58188.

This model does not appear in the compatibility list, might I ask for some help to know if there’s something I could do to make it work?

I believe this is connected like a Sprint model:

Thanks by advance for your help.

I have exactly the same intercom. This seems to be a « sprint » type which was meant to be compatible. I tried everything. Nothing works. If I select « generic » and then « generic bus » then when I press the open door button I get the intercom to ring and make a sort of echo for a couple of seconds, then I loose the Bluetooth connection. If I set it up as a « generic » then « Bticino » the button is just not recognized.
Any help would be much appreciated

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I continued investigating the various connection options. Again with no success. I then decided to set it up as « other door » to at least be able to open the door remotely. It worked, with the only caveat that when I press « open door » on the app, it would make the intercom ring. With no effect on the door itself… seemingly the signal sent by the opener is recognized as as the door bell rather than as the open function…
Any help would be much welcome … a bit disappointed as the « sprint » intercom was meant to be compatible but seemingly I not.

Hi Teebob,

Thanks for your help, sadly I have to admit that I returned my product this morning…

I tried tons of connections, but nothing worked for me (I mean that nothing opened the door…)

But I have to admit that the intercom has troubles by itself, this is why I renounced to have it working some day…

I’ll try again in a next flat…



Thanks for your message. I will give it another week and might return it as well. If at least I could open the door it would be perfect but even that doesn’t seem to work …

I managed to get the opener to open the door by setting it up as « other door » and connecting the blue and pink cables straight to the contacts of the open door button in the intercom (that was not easy to do).
Works but with only half of the features…

Hi Teebob,

I finally gave up on this installation. And then I move in another flat, and enjoyed my opener very much! And now, I moved again… And I’m in front of another Bticino device that doesn’t work :sob:

May I ask for a picture of your installation if you have it in order to better understand how you connected the cables?

Thanks in advance