Bticino Tegui 344502

I’ve been trying to configure the BTICINO TEGUI 344-502 (100v12b class) for two days.
My device only has two cables and I have tried to change them from BUS.
In the wizard I have also tried the 3 options (344-502, BT-344-502 and Class 100v12v Video). Why are there 3 configurations for the same device? What is the good?
The firmware version I have is: 1.6.4, that is, the latest.
I have even reached the option of pressing the opening button and I have gone down to the front door to finish setting it up, but it does not open the door.
I think that the wiring is not correct since the screen turns on but it is not heard nor does it open the door.
I configure it as the application wizard, that is, the red and yellow wire together and the green and orange wire on the BUS + (I have also tried changing the bus wires?
Can somebody help me?
Thank you