Bticino 344802

I ordered an Opener because on Niki site the Bticino 344803, 344804 are compatible. The 344802 (mine) is the some model but a different color, when I start the configuration of the Opener with the APP it does not recognize the door bell, any suggestion ?
I suggest to remove from the compatibly list such models to avoid misunderstanding.

did u get any results on the Bticiono 344802 ?
any wiring ? pictures?

No even with Beta SW 1.21

Mauro, try it again with the new 1.2.2 Beta which will be made available tomorrow.
After the firmware update you have to reconfigure the Opener (Settings > Administration > Configure Opener)

can any provide pictures of wiring ? to opener?

Thanks Jurgen,
sure I will try

anyone already succeeded in connecting the 344802 to the Nuki opener?

Kind regards,


just wanted say that Bticino 344802, using standard generic bus ! Thanks to nuki developers to remove it for compatible :smiley: now i spend whole day trying make it work.

And guess what… to works with standard wire configuration , you just have to make sure wires are proper connected to i ran 2 new wire from old bus plug to 2 new addiationaol klems.

I maybe little unstable or slow butr im using old GEN bridge so i assume is the reason.,

Finally works for me.