Bticino 344342 compatible?

Hi Guys
I have got the Bticino 344342 and i would like to know if Nuki opener is compatible ?.
On the app it says it is , but i just want make sure it all will work well.
If it is compatible could you send me the schema to connect it , please ?
my surprise is that only have 2 wires and i believe is digital(i have the manual if necessary …) …
Many thanks in advance for your help

Hello, yes, it is compatible, but we have found a bug in the doorbell recognition which causes the neighbours’ ringing to be incorrectly interpreted as its own ringing. This will be corrected in the upcoming firmware version.
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Hi thanks for the reply.

When is that is going to happen, please?

So, is that means that I am going to receive the nuki opener and I am not going to be able to use it… Rigth?

Beta will be available in the upcoming 2 weeks

OK thanks, please let me know as soon as it is available as I will be waiting for it.

Hi Georg any news on it , is the beta version fully working now ? as i would like to install the opener this weekend.


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The beta is working, and we are still working on improvements to get the highest reliability possible
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Hi Georg,

sorry for questioning. Was this issue with the recognizing of neighbours ringing fixed for all Bticino ICs or only for this one?
Because I’m still facing the same issue on my one at V1.4.3. I reconfigured the device after the update.
My Setup only works when the Model is Generic - BUS (Bticino) and I’ve connected only black and red of nuki directly to the bus.

Thank you in advance.

We have implemented the profile adaptations for all bus-based Bticino systems.

Did you try to reconfigure your Opener? This is important, otherwise, the fix won’t work

Hi Georg,

thank you for your reply.
I just figured out yesterday evening by accident, that it recognizes the starting of the video-camera-stream as ringing.
This is right from a nuki-perspective as the video stream is started automatically when somebody rings on the door. When somebody rings on neighbors door, this is not detected. So I guess the opener learned that signal as ringing now. However it also detects a ringing, when you start the video-stream via button. You must know about it when in “Dauermodus” or Ring-to-open is active that the door opens also in this case.

But this is a thing you can deal with. :slight_smile:

Thank you


my janitor said he had a little outside demolished version of my model 344612 which he had already exchanged in another apartment. He can only dispose it since there are no spare parts available. If you want we can send it to you here from germany to investigate. :slight_smile:
I guess Classe 300 is very spread in apartment houses, on amazon for example the model with WLAN has up to 400 recessions.


Hi BesenWesen,
that would be nice thank you. Can you send it to
Nuki Home Solutions GmbH
z.H. Georg Sixt
Münzgrabenstraße 92
8010 Graz, Austria

and tell me the costs in advance so I can refund you (Paypal?).


ich wechsle mal fürs erste auf Deutsch und berichte von der 1.4.4er FW.
Nach dem Neu-Konfigurieren wird nun gar kein Klingeln mehr erkannt.
Ring To Open funktioniert nun wenn man zwei mal klingelt. Beim Konfigurationsprozess habe ich beobachtet: Es ist so, wenn man das erste mal klingelt dauert es ja eine gewisse Zeit bis die Anlage draußen das Klingeln beendet, und “Aufleg”- Geräusche macht. Das dauert ungefähr 30sek .Wenn man beim Konfigurieren dann im letzten Schritt “Klingel bei deiner Wohnung und die Tür sollte sich öffnen” nicht die 30sek abgewartet hat, bis die Anlage alles quittiert hat, funktioniert das Ring To Open im Setup - im Praxisbetrieb nur wenn man zwei mal Klingelt. Wenn man nach dem ersten Klingeln wartet bis die Anlage auflegt, und dann erst den “Klingel bei deiner Wohnung und die Tür sollte sich öffnen” -Schritt durchführt, wird die Tür nicht geöffnet und Ring To Open kann nicht verwendet werden.

Das ganze Verhalten zeigte sich nur bei Verwendung vom Modell Generic - BUS (Bticino). Wenn man Classe 300 V13E Video auswählt, ist alles wie gehabt, sprich Starten vom Video Stream wird als Klingeln erkannt- Öffnen und Klingel-Öffnen geht.

Viele Grüße!


I also have the Bticino 344342.
Does this latest update mean I can buy the solution and it will work? I ran the compability check and got a negative result.

How is it actually able to open the door, I have not found anything about installation of the device so curious about this.

Kind regards

Hi Guys, I’m new to this issue but have been trying to integrate Bticino 344342 intercom in HomeKit with Shelly 1 and Shelly Uni. Tho I would preferer for Nuki Opener as I do need to get Door Opener as well for my apartment door.
I have 3 questions.

  1. Is Bticino 344342 now working properly with Nuki as on your website its not showing as compatible.
  2. Is it possible to create a video bus stream to web ffmgeg or some other.
  3. I have a Hoobs as my middleware for lots of homekit devices and I can see that that there is a plugin for it. Is this the only way to integrate Door bell Ring and Open the door functionality into HomeKit?

Also, if someone has the manual for Bticino 344342., can you please share.

Many thanks,
Kind regards,

Hi all,
after another year, I’m interested in the compatibility with Bticino 344342?
I’ve this model, but no device right now is able to “integrate” it in my domotic system.

Hello there. Any news about this? I have the same intercom and would like to get the nuki opener. Can someone clarify if this is compatible it not?
Thank you, I’d appreciate that :pray:t2: