Bticino 344082 with Opener

Trying to install the opener on the my bticino 344082 device but I have no idea how to do it.
Has anyone an idea.
Would be great

I’ve installed the opener today on the same bticino. Not quit sure if its 100% correct, but it does basically work. (opening, ringing,… some weird behavior not sure about like noises from the opener which seem to happen sometimes based on somebody ringing … ‘other’ doors… will have an eye on it. )

To explain. the ‘BUS’ does have a B+ / B- (which can be found by using a multimeter) and is connected in your case with white and red wire. You open your NUKI App, add the Opener as new Device and step through the configuration process which explains which of the colored wires of your opener goes into B+ / B- … if you need an exact diagram it think I can recall it from the top of my head.

Some idea why opener react when somebody ring on another door? I have the same problem