BTICINO 334122 8 Wire Video Intercom

I have this intercom and having trouble connecting it , can find very little on it
Ive found an 8 wire digital system but I don’t think its digital, seems analog by looking at the board . from what Ive traced pin 5 might be ground , 6 and 7 are the unlock and power buttons . Anyone any advice.

Hi, Could you connect the opener??

I have the same devide.


sadly not, never got it to work.

I ordered the opener recently only to find out that there aren’t instructions for 334122. I think I made a mistake while checking the compatibility before ordering and now have a device with no instructions for this model. It would be great of Nuki and provide some direction on this. or Anyone else

You dont by any chance still have the unit? I’m looking for the PI connector hich is missing from a handset I have and would be happy to buy it from you.

I have a more-or less same device, a 334102, anyone knows which wire pulls the relay to open the gate? I’m about to automate it with some zigbee relays as I fed up getting locked out all the time.