BTicino 100 V12E video - second door

Hello all.

I’m a senior SW/FW developer but I’m not able to setup my new Nuki opener in order to open the door!! :slight_smile:

Basically I connected it to BTicino 100 V12E video intercom and everything works well but not as expected.
I have 2 door, an external gate and an internal door.
I’m able to open the external gate but not the internal door and my target is opening the second one.

For opening the external gate I have to push the “open” button, for opening the internal door I have to push the “switch” button and then the “open” button.

Following the Nuki opener configuration procedure I’m able to open the external gate but this procedure doesn’t fit for opening the internal door.

Someone can help me? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

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