Bring back built in magnet door sensor for v4 Pro

Product name

Nuki 4.0 Pro


The magnet door sensor for Nuki 2.0 was a simple, stylish, and minimal solution that worked well for many built in features, such as Lock n Go. The Nuki 3.0 uses either time based locking or requires an additional (very bulky) sensor combo. Bring back this elegant solution for the next iteration for Nuki Smart Lock (together with NFC and Apple Home Key)?


Built in hardware and small, minimalist magnet to help with door sensing.


Current Nuki 3.0 solution is not elegant (and with significant additional costs!) - not suitable for modern apartments that doesn’t want to look like a home secured with 1990s technology - I remember seeing doors and windows with these type of bulky 2-part sensors. :face_vomiting:

I would prefer this being offered as a Pro version additional hardware feature.


The new door sensor also needs expensive, non rechargeable batteries. Really a bad solution…


Also upgrading to 3.0.
I cant find any information on their website if the old “magnet” is compatible with the 3.0 smartlock.

So when i read your comments correctly, it is not and you need the door bulky battery powered door sensor.

I believe so. I helped a friend install his and I was surprised that the auto lock features are timed and with no magnet supplied.

I love the new metal design but have since cancelled my plan to upgrade. I think Nuki Lock 2 is a superior product!

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Ok, thx.
Sadly my Nuki 2.0 died, so I have to upgrade.
In my case the missing door sensor is no problem.
Home Assistant and Nuki Bridge is a better lock and go :grin: