Bridpe API and opener ring notification + ring to open features


I am starting the integration of the Nuki door opener using the bridge API. Among all the features identified, I was wondering about those two:

  • Notification when intercom bell rang: Is it possible to have a callback set using the bridge api for being notified of this event?
  • Ring to open based on location: Is it possible to disable this feature and have full control of the ring to open method with the bridge api? Meaning that only the bridge api can activate/deactivate this? And also control the timeout and max number of tries?

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That is currently not possible, but we got a feature request running (Nuki Bridge API: Bell Ring of Nuki Opener as Trigger for Callbacks) which showed us that it is important for many users…

The “ring to open based on location” is done within the Nuki App. If you deactivate it there (i.e. not activate it; as it is not activated by default), you can set up your own system via the Bridge API, yes.
Timeout settings are done on the opener itself, so you would have to update the config to change it (which is not possible via Bridge API!). The same applies for the “number of tries” which can also only be set to “once” or “always” in the set timeframe.

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Thank you for the clarification. So just to be sure, there is no way for now to know when the door is rang with the bridge API? Or with any API compatible with the door opener?

It is now with the newest Betas we just release! :slight_smile: