Bridge to send info when something change

I’m questioning my bridge every 15sec to have info of the Nuki locker.
Of course, this is not optimal.
How to set it up so the bridge send info to a dedicated server when a change occurs on the locker.
(I tried several searches on Google without success, but I’m sure it is possible)
Thank you for your help.

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Thank you Marc, this is the perfect answer

In fact what I want to do, from my Fibaro HC3, use this Nuki API.

But according to my understanding of this docs, the Bridge send a POST request, with a JSON.
I do not think my Fibaro HC3 accept incoming POST requests, but only GET requests (I’m definitively not an expert in that matter).
What I need is just to be informed that something have changed on the bridge, and so it is valuable to query it.
So, i see 2 possibilities :
1/ I can force the bridge to send a GET request
or 2/ the POST request is send to my NAS Synology (does it accept POST requests ???) and my Synology send a GET request to my Fibaro HC3. BUT, if it is possible, I’ve NO idee how to implement it.

Did I was clear ?

Thank you for you help.