Bridge on 2.5.1 but not a beta tester

Hi all,
purchased a Nuki bridge, original firmware has been 2.3.0 and it updated to 2.5.1 over night.
2.5.1 is not listed as an official release, but 2.5.x is mentioned as a beta version.
I never applied for beta program with this bridge and I don’t want to at the moment.
Are there just missing release notes for official 2.5.1, or am I in the beta program?
How to get rid of the beta? Could you please advise?
Thanks, Christian

Same on my bridge, without in the beta program.

The Bridge version 2.5.1 has already been released but we had not added it to the release notes here.
Will do this now immediatly and sorry for the confusion.

Ah ok, thanks a lot.