Bridge multiple times offline


My bridge is multiple times offline and will start working only after a restart.
Any other devices (hue-, tado-, fibaro-bridge) are still reachable and working. So WLAN, router and WAN access are good.

{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:08:45+00:00", "type": "SSE-Connected", "serverNum": 7},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:08:40+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connected", "ipAddr": "x.x.x.x"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:08:30+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:08:30+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:07:25+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:07:25+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:06:20+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:06:20+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:06:18+00:00", "type": "WLAN-WiFi Restart"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:06:18+00:00", "type": "WLAN-ERROR", "unconn-cnt": 181, "unans-msg": 0, "lastmsg": 0, "pings": 0},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:05:29+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:05:29+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:04:24+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Disconnected"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:04:24+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:04:24+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:04:16+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connected", "ipAddr": "x.x.x.x"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:03:19+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:03:19+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:03:17+00:00", "type": "WLAN-WiFi Restart"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:03:17+00:00", "type": "WLAN-ERROR", "unconn-cnt": 181, "unans-msg": 0, "lastmsg": 0, "pings": 0},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:02:28+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:02:28+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:01:23+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:01:23+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:23+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-Disconnected", "pair-index": 1, "ble-handle": "0001"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:23+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-Disconnect", "pair-index": 1, "ble-handle": "0001"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:23+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-ConnectionTimeout"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "type": "HTTP-Post", "nukiId": "XXX"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-ReadStates", "pair-index": 1},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Disconnected"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "type": "SSE-Disconnected", "serverNum": 1},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Connect"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "type": "WLAN-Init"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-TurnOnNotific", "pair-index": 1},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:18+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-Connected", "pair-index": 1, "ble-handle": "0001"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:16+00:00", "type": "BLE-Connect", "macAddr": "XXX"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:16+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-Connect","pair-index": 1},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:16+00:00", "nukiId": "xxx", "type": "BLE-StateChanged","pair-index": 1},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:15+00:00", "type": "WLAN-WiFi Restart"},
{"timestamp": "2019-12-21T21:00:15+00:00", "type": "WLAN-ERROR", "unconn-cnt": 0, "unans-msg": 0, "lastmsg": 3, "pings": 0},

{"bridgeType": 1, "ids": {"hardwareId": xxx, "serverId": xxx}, "versions": {"firmwareVersion": "2.4.21", "wifiFirmwareVersion": "2.1.13"}, "uptime": 976, "currentTime": "2019-12-21T21:25:22+00:00", "wlanConnected": true, "serverConnected": true, "scanResults": [{"deviceType": 0, "nukiId": XXX, "name": "Nuki_XXX", "rssi": -62, "paired": true}, {"deviceType": 2, "nukiId": xxxx, "name": "Nuki_Opener_XXX", "rssi": -64, "paired": true}]}

I have this problem since day one.

Thanks for help!

As the logs show, the Bridge seems not to be able to connect to your Wifi and then restarts now and then to rule out issues with its Wifi-module.

As it is running FW 2.4.21 I assume it was online for some time at least in that Wifi to be able to update?

It’s working for some hours/days and then it is going offline until I replug. This repeatedly happening since day one.
I’m using the Netgear Orbi RBK50 as AP. Updated them to newest firmware and observing the situation.

Same problem here, the Nuki bridge loses connectivity with the router at home. The only way is to reset my router every time. So the whole device is not much useable as a tool for Airbnb owners if you have to open the door downstairs…