Bridge HTTP-API HTTP 503 Unavailable - long unavailable - long web api response times

Hi I’m new to the forum. In addition, I have recently a new NUKI v.2.0 incl. the bridge. Nuki itself works, but my bridge via network web api works really bad. I constantly have long HTTP response times or even HTTP 503 Unavailable. When I open or close the door over NUKI it is especially bad. Even if I didn’t do anything with NUKI the web api connection to the bridge is also bad. The bridge is about 1 meter far from Nuki (bluetooth) and about 2 meters (wifi) from the nearest access point. The connection quality of both is shown to me in the NUKI app as very good. This is also confirmed via my Unifi interface. So I think it is no problem with my network or bluetooth. I have the feeling the problem is caused by the software of the bridge itself.

My installed software versions are:

  • Nuki v.2.6.4
  • Bridge: v.2.3.0

HTTP Request:


“bridgeType”: 1,
“ids”: {
“hardwareId”: XXXXXXXXX,
“serverId”: XXXXXXXXX
“versions”: {
“firmwareVersion”: “2.3.0”,
“wifiFirmwareVersion”: “2.0.0”
“uptime”: 1620,
“currentTime”: “2019-11-29T11:12:56+00:00”,
“wlanConnected”: true,
“serverConnected”: true,
“scanResults”: [
“deviceType”: 0,
“nukiId”: XXXXXXXXX,
“name”: “Nuki_XXXXXXXXX”,
“rssi”: -55,
“paired”: true

Many thanks for your help

I think you refer to the Bridge API?

If you are one firmware 2.3.0 it means that only the first part of the bigger update to 2.4.x went through.

Be sure to try to update it before investigating any further, by.

  • either replugging in and waiting till it automatically updates (from 2.3.0 normally after 15 minutes instead of the default 60 minutes after last restart). Note that the update itself can still take several minutes and the bridge should not be disconnected in that time (and from other recent feedback we also saw that running HTTP API commands during the update can cause issues.
  • or send /fwupdate command to directly trigger an update

Thanks for your quick support. I updated the bridge successfully to v.2.4.8 and my first test’s are great. Total different reaction compare to v.2.3.0 :-). I will test it in more detail and will give you feedback. Many thanks. Br, Markus

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Quick feedback after 4 days using v.2.4.8 …
Before I installed the update I was about to give NUKI back. But since I installed the update, NUKI (actually of course the bridge :wink: ) works as I imagined. Now I’m really happy with NUKI incl. the bridge. Many thanks for your support.

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