Bridge Firmware 2.10.x Beta


Bridge 2.0

Bridge 2.0 Beta 2.10.0

  • Performance improvements and minor bugfixes

After the update, I had repetetive disconnects of a local api client. After power cycling the Bridge it now seems ok.

Could you elaborate what this update is about?



Considering that I get bridge disconnects I did not get before, the complete silence from the support team is highly out of place.

CC: @Juergen


Another shout in the void:

The bridge doesn’t seem to handle multiple access points with the same ssid well. It seems to connect to the first one rather than the one with the strongest signal.

In addition: The disconnect issue is still present.

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.


This seems to be an individual issue with your wifi/router. There are no known problems from other users nor in our own testing with the stability of the bridge. I‘d recommend to test it with a dedicated ssid (guest wlan, additional ssid or similar) on the access point you want to connect to or a different router.

Thank you for your reply, @Juergen.

However, after four months of no reaction of any staff member whatsoever I would have appreciated that at least someone cared enough to pretend to have looked into the code. The selection of an access point other than the strongest one is a problem of at least one ESP library I encountered.

May I kindly suggest you release the source code of the bridge firmware?


You can, but it’s not going to happen. There are no plans to release the source of one of our products.

Thank you for your straightforwardness. So if I understood you correctly, there are no plans to look into the issue and there also no plans to let the community jump in.

I want to emphasize that there are no known problems with my wifi setup and that I was able to verify that the bridge repeatedly connects to the wrong access point as long as it’s available. Working around the issue by adding another ssid would of course be possible but In my opinion the fix should happen at the exact place of the bug to let all users benefit from it.

No offense but in my opinion the whole idea of a Beta test should be to actually handle the issues that come up rather than ignoring ones that only happen in some environments.


That’s not what i said. We value your feedback and will put it on a list of things to look at.

@Stefan_Reiterer @Juergen I found out that my bridge is running on 2.10.4 - that seems to be the beta, right? I was not aware that I requested to be on beta. Any idea how that came? Or is 2.10.4 already released? The release notes from @Stephan shows that the last official release is 2.8.0.

No problems at all, but just wondering.

@dm82m 2.10.4 is the latest public version.
I will check that the release notes are updated.

Hi @Stephan
good to see that you’re back. Could you please give an update on the access point and disconnect issue?