Bridge discovery and different Bridge ID's


with the URL I am able to discover the connected NUKI Bridges.

It returns the JSON Array as described in the API Documentation.

The “bridgeID” differs from the “Bridge ID” in the iOS App.


“bridgeID” from JSON Array = 1999999999

“Bridge ID” from iOS App = 10999A98

I need for a Smart Home Integration the “Bridge ID” and would like to read it out automatically.

So what is the difference? How can I handle this?


No information yet! Any information?

Sorry, this seems to have been missed.

The bridgeID from discover/bridges is the ID set on our server (which can change if you factory reset and reconnect your Bridge). So you can not match this to a hardware ID.
You can only send a Bridge API /info request to the IP of the Bridge to check the real hardware ID