Bridge api call too slow

I have problem with Nuki in Home assistant:

But i think one of core causes is slowness of bridge http API. Testing from Chrome dev console info endpoint lasts sometimes 5s sometimes 8s (measured inside LAN)…

Why sooo slow?

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I had the same issue. Unplugged the bridge and replugged worked for me. Since I had two bridges I really could see the slow bridge. Both bridges are running with 2.60

With Android software bridge the same - lasts too long.

I have some new bad info:

  1. Bridge API is slow - see graph from Nagios below (units = seconds)
  2. Bridge API is unreliable - returns random 503’s - see graph from Home assistent connected to bridge API. Grey bars on graph are “unavailable” states during last 24h.

So bridge API is really broken! I think someone from Nuki should fix this ASAP. I am not only one with this bad behavior of bridge (info taken from HA forum).

  1. The bridge API has certain limitations and if they are not taken into account you will always see 503 errors.

  2. The post you linked above from the home assistant forum seems to talk about problems with the home assistant implementation independent of Nuki.

Which commands do you send to the bridge API and how often do you send them?

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OK i see whole thread about 503’s. But you didn’t answer why is response so slow? 3,5s average response time? I think it is not normal.

It’s not possible to answer your question as long as you do not provide more details about what you do with the API and which commands you send.