Bridge API: Bluetooth connection


The NUKI App can show the connection status of the smart lock (especially if a mobile device is connected via Bluetooth!).
Is it possible to read out that BLUETOOTH-connection-status via HTTP-API?
My setup: 2 Smart Locks 2.0, one HW-Bridge. Google Home App connected and Apple HomeKit connected. 2x Iphone 7 in use.

I would like realize a presence detection for an smart home system. Therefore my goal is to get the status which of the two devices (Iphones) are connected to the SmartLock(s).
When at least one mobile phone is connected I could toggle the SmartHome to “present”-state and when there is no direct Bluetooth connection anymore set the SmartHome to “away”-state.

Is there a possibility to do this or can you put thet request on your feature-request list?


I don’t think this is feasable at all. To save battery Bluetooth connections are always as short as possible, so there is no way to say if a user is still near the Smart Lock if the Nuki App is not open.

There are dedicated sensors for presence detection which are focused on doing this right and energy efficient.