Bridge 2.4.8- /lockState triggers callback


just discovered that when I call for /lockState (GET) this call will trigger the callbacks to get fired even if the locks state didn’t change. Is this the intended behaviour?

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No, this is not intended. Thanks for the feedback.

Just discovered this callback behaviour on lockState also in 2.4.13.

I can confirm that as well.

Additionally the documentation has a typo at remove callback:

Flag indicating if the url has been added successfully

@iMarkus This should not happen any more with the current Beta. Do you still have that issues and if yes, which firmware version is running on your bridge?

Hi my bridge is running on 2.4.8. As I haven’t installed latest beta I cannot test if problem has been fixed.

O.k., it is connected to the Wifi-firmware version, but I was not aware that is can also affect public version, but a fix will be available soon (as public release).