Bpt yvl301

Any Idea how to connect the Nuki Opener to a BPT YVL301?

Lot’s of love for everybody who tries to help me =)

Hi Steven,
you can try to connect you intercom following this guide: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems
Please give us feedback if this works! Thanks!
Best regards

Hi Georg,

thank you so much for your reply!

I tried to follow the guide in a few different attempts without any success.

For me it is very difficult to find out, if the system receives data or not, without the possibility to read out the opener’s signal input. It’s kind of trial and error without any response from the opener.

How would you recommend to continue?

Thanks again for your time!

Best wishes,


i have BPT Mitho, wiring looks very similiar. I attach picture of my wiring. BPT Mitho is on the “X1 twin bus” but “generic” doesn`t work. After wiring everything looks good, but in nuki app configuration goes - “push button to open door”…continues … “ring outside the door” … but doors still close: confused: the configuration cannot be completed.

Hi Ludek,

thank you for sharing your experience with your BPT dooropener.

I discovered exactly the same result, as you did.

For now, I found a workaround with using “Switchbot”, for pressing the door opener button manually via a cloud connection. This way, I can at least use the system completely keyless.

Not sure if it would work with you system, looks more like you have to touch the screen on your device.

Maybe in the future someone of the developer team will dive deeper in our problem with the BPT system.

Best wishes & happy holidays,