Bpt ykp-301 (bus)


I have a YKP-301 intercom, which actually looked a lot like a supported YKP-200 so I thought it was it.

However, YKP-200 seems like an analog version whether YKP-301 is a BUS version.

I have tried connecting it with BUS+Generic manual. First time it didn’t even want to try, the second time when I switched polarities it did offer me steps to click buttons, go outside and call my flat, but it eventually didn’t open the door and gave me a configuration error.

It seems like it does detect the call, but then cannot open the door.

I wonder if anyone has experience with BPT bus systems. If there’s anything I can try to ‘sniff’ the communication over the bus, is there anyone to suggest the required equipment?

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Hi, I have the same exact intercom and still did not manage to connect it. Please let me know if you find a way to make it work.

I have the same interkom. Anyone found a solution yet? Thanks.

No, nobody replied to me here so far! :frowning:

I have a BPT Agata VC200 Bus, and it doesn’t work as well, it seems that none of the BPT intercoms using bus connection are supported by the opener, I wonder if they will ever get support :smirk: