Bpt yc/300a

Any Idea how to connect the Nuki Opener to a BPT YC/300A?

I thank you in advance =)

Hi! There are some bpt intercoms in the compatibility list of nuki, so I would look them through for the most similar, and trying to set it up the way the app says for this intercom, or you can try the standard generic wiring for bus systems.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve tried the bpt 200, bpt 200/a and generic, but it doesn’t work.

No problem! Is the bpt 200/a also digital bus like yours? And have you tried the generic wiring scheme for digital bus?

Yes, I’ve tried that too. I will try again maybe one of the others of bpt works.

Jessica, did you make it work - and could you let us know how? I am struggling too with the same setup. Thanks in advance!

Hey guys,
Do you have any update on this?
I also have bpt yc/300 intercom…