BPT Agata VC200 BUS

I own an intercom from bpt, model Agata vc200, it shows up on the compatibility models for the opener, but when i go to set it up it seems to me that the wiring nuki recommends is from a analogical intercom.
My intercom uses a Bus connection.
I’ve tried generic with no luck, has anyone been able to connect the opener to a similar device?
Thank you soo much.

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Hi Ricardo,

If it’s a bus device you could try and connect it with a bus-based intercom like the Btcino 344824 I have.

You can than follow the connection instructions of that.
Please note that the instructions with my device had the polarity inversed.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Paolo Geurtsen

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Thank you @Paolo_Geurtsen I’ll give it a try, getting really frustrating not being able to connect the opener.

Dear Ricardo,

Attached is Pic of my intercom connection if this helps
The white line gets connected to orange and green via the wire joiner block provided by Nuki.

Black is added to where the orange and blue wires are on the photo.

Connecting like this made my setup work as expected.

Hope the Pic helps

Paolo Geurtsen

Btw. I see there are also wires connected to the bell icon.
Am I correct in assuming that these are connected to an extra external bell?

Hi @Paolo_Geurtsen

I’m not at home right now tomorrow if i have time I will try it out

Thank you soo much for your help and examples, that is indeed similar to my intercom connection.

Yes, the wiring on the bell is from the doorbell on my apartment door, the other wires connected to"B" Bus are the ones that come from the Building entrance, the one that i want to control, and be able to open the door.

Hi @Paolo_Geurtsen thank you for your efforts in trying to help me out , unfortunately that didn’t work for me.
I guess I’ll have to wait untill nuki ads my intercom with bus connection.
Or in the mean time maybe I can figure something out.
Just passing by to thank you.
Best regards!

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for letting me know.
Shame it didn’t work out.
I know how frustrating it can be when stuff doesn’t work right away.

Good luck! I am sure a solution will present itself soon!


Hi Ricardo,

Did you have any luck in the meantime? I’m in the same situation as you (with the same intercom) and don’t know what to do?
Have you found a solution you can share with me please?


Unfortunately i didn’t find any solution, I’ve tried every bus model available in the generics, I’ve even tried some other brands that use bus connection but no luck at all , I’ve kept my opener hopping that Nuki will add support for the bpt bus devices, but honestly i don’t know if it will get support some day, I’m just hopping it does.

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Did you write to them? I have written. I’ll let you know if they give me a solution.


Hi, I saw from the photo that your intercom is Agata VC not Agata VC200, I think it doesn’t make much difference.
However, I also own the Agata VC video door phone, I wanted to ask you if you have found any solution or if there has been any update from nuki.
Thank you so much

Hi, unfortunately I’ve tried everything I could imagine and searched a lot of info on the internet, I’ve tried everything even with different brands that use bus, none of it have worked for me.
Also nuki doesn’t seem to care about the ones using BPT that use BUS connections.

In the meantime I also wrote to nuki and they replied in this way about a future compatibility of the bpt bus, I hope our type of bus is not encrypted at this point.

The problem with digital systems is, that they work with different signals (different signal length and profile).

So if we do not list a digital system as compatible, this means that we do not have a fitting profile for the signals of this system - therefore the Opener will most likely not work (since the not compatible system has not been tested yet and therefore no signal profile has been created).

The Generic Bus (Generic) profile, in the app, tries to adjust itself to the signals of the digital intercom - but there is no guarantee that this will work.

Apart from that, there are also systems which work with entirely different technologies (e.g. encryption).

These systems will never be compatible because we can not create a signal profile for them.

All systems that are currently identified as incompatible via the installation check (Nuki Opener - Smarten up your intercom.) will be reviewed step by step by our development team. We are currently carrying out further tests and adjustments to be able to offer the Nuki Opener for as many intercom systems as possible.

Any news on this?

I have a Came-Bpt Futura video intercom which I believe is basically a rebrand of the Agata line, thus should also work if the Nuki works with Bpt Agata.

Otherwise I’ll consider getting a new cheap intercom, just so that it is compatible with Nuki…