Booking website doesn't communicate to the locks properly

Hello everyone!

My online booking website talks through Nuki APIs with 6 Nuki Smart locks, connected to 6 Nuki Bridge and 6 Nuki keypads.

For over six months everything has been working smoothly. But since the night of Wednesday April the 26th, the PINs created by the site have been communicating to the locks in fits and starts: since Thursday, the site has communicated every day with different locks, always randomly and discontinuously. I checked that all devices were up to date, restarted the locks and Nuki Bridges but the problem persists. If I enter a pin manually from Nuki App however it is immediately communicated to the lock and it works properly so I guess the wifi connection and in general the hardware part is working properly.

The problem lies in the communication between the site and the locks. Has Nuki changed anything? Have the APIs become fee-based or have you put in new limits? Have there been any application-side disruptions? Can you please help me?

Thank you very much,

Hi Valentina,

We observed that one of the backend nodes weren’t functioning correctly and restarted it yesterday, which fixed the problem. This network issue also impacted keypad code creation which must have affected your SLs. I think your issues must have been resolved now, but if it hasn’t could you please DM me with your Smart Lock IDs. Thanks.

Are there again issues?

No, as mentioned, the issue w/ backend nodes were resolved.