Bluetooth Smart Lock With Nativescript

Hi guys!
I´m trying to implement a Nativescript APP to connect and work with Nuki Smart Lock

It turns out that I have managed to send the write with the bytes correctly. I have sent “Request Data” and “Public Key” first, as the API documentation comes.´

I was putting the write and the solution wrong since I must specify each position of the two-value array.


I have tried for the authentication to send the message encoded with SHA-256, I do not know if this part is right or not, according to I have looked at the API, it works with this method but I see that other methods are used

The point is that when I get to the “Authorization Authenticator” part of the request, it returns the following, where it should return 06 (Authorization Data), not Public Key.


I will keep going around and testing because this step is essential to establish the permissions to manipulate the Nuki Smart Lock