Bluetooth range bug on calibrate action with Smartlock and Powerpack


We received our Nuki Powerpacks recently and since we trade our alkaline battery with the Powerpacks, we’re struggling making basic configurations and have erratic behavior.

  • When we try to calibrate, the Nuki prompt the message about Bluetooth range (even when we’re very close to the product), that manifest only when the Nuki is used with Powerpack
  • One Powerpack, fully charged, lasted less than month. So ~3 times less than regular alkaline batteries at the same amount of requests.

We had other little bug here and there using the Powerpack, but can’t be sure this was the cause.

We had the problem on iOS, last app update, with FW 2.10.8 and Powerpack option choosen on bettery detection.

Did you notice differences on usage while using the Powerpack? How can we solve that?

Thanks for your help

Usually the PowerPack results in a more stable operation of the Smart Lock than using Alkaline batteries. Might be an individual problem with the PowerPack you’ve received.

Please contact customer support through the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) to get help with your problem.

There is definitely something not right, I have also a powerpack, and it lasts really long, and dont have changed any behaviour anywhere.